Casillas Law Group


1. Book: Co-author, California Limited Liability Company, Forms and Practice (1994), Data Trace Legal Publications, Inc. (first treatise published about the new form of business entity authorized by statute enacted in California in September 1994), updated annually.

2. Articles & Counsel's Updates (1992-1996): Articles prepared in this time period for publication and Updates prepared for the International Bankers Association:

June 1, 1996: Counsel's Report on Annual Bank Regulatory Program (discusses U.S. bank regulatory developments).

May 10, 1996: Letters of Credit & Real Estate Loans — The Western Security Case Revisited – Part II (discusses Court ruling & statutes regarding LCs).

November 17, 1995: Letters of Credit — The Western Security Case Revisited (discusses Court ruling regarding letters of credit, and statutory amendments regarding LCs).

July/August 1995: Demystifying the Analysis of Securities Law Applicability to LLC Member Interests, published in Limited Liability Entities Newsletter, July/August 1995 issue.

May/June 1995: California Proposes to Amend its 1994 LLC Act, published in Limited Liability Entities Newsletter, May/June 1995 issue (discusses LLC legislation).

April 14, 1995: Lender Liability — Recent Cases (discusses $70 million and $38 million lender liability judgments against financial institutions).

February 17, 1995: Letter of Credit Enforceability (discusses recent case involving enforceability of letter of credit against insolvent bank).

December 9, 1994: Multibank Loan Transactions — Duties of Agent Bank (discusses Security Pacific case regarding duties of Agent Bank in secured loan).

Fall 1994: Trade Finance — Assignment of Letter of Credit Proceeds, published in Japanese in the Tokyo-based monthly International Legal Strategy (discusses trade finance issues for Asian-U.S. transactions).

Spring 1992: Financement D'Appareil Aerien — Section 1110, published in the Paris?based Revue Francaise de Droit Aerien et Spatial (aircraft finance & bankruptcy issues).

March 1992: True Lease Issues, published in the Commercial Aviation Law Report (discusses Court ruling on "true lease" issues).

February 21, 1992: True Lease or Not True Lease (discusses legal significance of "true lease" rulings, as such rulings relate to leases and project financings).

January 9, 1992: Equipment Finance — Section 1110 (discusses bankruptcy and equipment repossession issues addressed in judicial rulings).

3. Articles & Counsel's Updates (1985-1992): Articles in this time period addressed (1) letters of credit, (2) ESOP loan financing, (3) lender liability, (4) California unitary tax, (5) interstate banking, (6) risk-based capital requirements, and (7) syndicated lending.

4. IBAC Seminar Materials: In 1985 and 1986 Mr. Casillas, the IBAC Chairman, and other IBAC members organized the first full-day educational seminar for the International Bankers Association on Financing and Regulatory Laws of the United States. Mr. Casillas drafted the following six of the eight chapters in the seminar book: (1) Introduction to United States Regulation of Banks; (2) The Loan Agreement: An Introduction to Contract and Corporate Law; (3) Secured Lending; (4) Bankers' Acceptances; (5) Bank Confidentiality; and (6) Bibliography of Banking Books and Articles.

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